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I wanted to write this testimonial to get the word out about Accelerated Resolution Therapy. I have suffered from anxiety, depression, poor memory and sleep disturbances for decades after a traumatic brain injury in 1969. I had been anxious as a child but the brain injury and several subsequent life experiences worsened this, making my daily struggles so much more severe. My constant anxiety and poor sleep patterns negatively impacted my life in so many areas. It especially affected my family, who became so tired of my constant worrying. I also struggled with low self esteem, low energy level and racing, obsessive thoughts.

I had tried antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications but could not tolerate the side effects. I also had counseling on and off for years with little relief. As an RN, I had watched many of my patients struggle with these same issues and my heart ached for them.I felt powerless to help them or myself.

Now at the age of 63 and recently retired, I decided I had to do something to improve the rest of my life. I was so tired of living like I had been for 40 years.

After seeing a TV presentation by Laney Rosenzweig about ART, I knew I owed it to myself to try it. I was very skeptical and unsure of the "science" behind this therapy. After only 1 session of ART, I was actually in disbelief about the way I was feeling. Going home from the session, I could only describe to my husband that I felt inexplicably "lighter, as if a huge burden had been lifted from me. In subsequent days, I am rejoicing in my new found energy, much better sleep, improved memory and major decreases in my anxiety and racing thoughts. Although I am still concerned about family worries and have not totally forgotten painful memories , I am not obsessing about them all the time. It is an awesome feeling!! I am now actually able to "let things go"!

This therapy is an earth shaking modality , especially for those of us that cannot tolerate medications and/or do not have insurance or the time to go through hours of "talk therapy". It has the potential to change the entire mental health field.

Serena Steele RN

Thank you again, Laney, from the bottom of my heart. I truly feel healed now. ART is as close to a miracle as I have ever come. I have been suffering with the negative effects of PTSD for 13 years. Within the space of an hour, I have been healed. No more self-pity, depression, and anxiety connected to "my story." It's like that movie "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" only you are the author of your new story and the painful feelings surrounding a situation have been de-electrified. Life should be lived to the fullest. I feel like a free woman now with new opportunities! Thank you!

PTSD for 13 years

Client served in the military, developed PTSD after standing guard stateside over the bodies of her fallen comrades. She could not sleep without lights, could not watch television for fear there would be a dead body. Her life was unraveling.
”When I was doing funerals, I would stand over the bodies and hear the sound of the body settling in the coffin and smell the smells.”

She left the ART session feeling ”high and happy-tired. I had no bad feelings, no anxiety and my chest didn’t get tight. I usually couldn’t talk about it. I would clam up and freak out, but it was amazing. I’m doing just fine. I have days that are up and down but I’m a strong person. I really am.”

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

“I have been able to sleep the night. I noticed when I was alone and it was quiet my mind always went to the moments of my loss. Now I don’t focus on that time. I tend to drift to better memories that bring a smile. I still cry over my loss, but it does not bring nightmares at night.”

Loss of Son

I had problems dealing with my mom’s death and ART solved this problem. It took all my anxiety and sorrow away from me. I also am so focused and clear minded from this therapy that it helped me reach my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. The therapist directed me in finding my own answers in just one session. Now, I have a starting point to begin preparation for my business.

Grief - Parent's Death

I am not so co-dependent. I’m relating to others differently - more sure, confident. I have definitely reclaimed a part of myself that was lost. I always felt that I was not enough. I feel so much more complete.

Co-Dependancy & Abandonment

I was extremely skeptical of ART but figured I had nothing to lose. After one session my feelings have changed dramatically. I am no longer sad, anxious or depressed about the situation that haunted me for months.

Co-Dependancy & Guilt

I have been using Accelerated Resolution Therapy in my practice for almost 3 years with incredible results.

Individual's have experienced resolution of combat related trauma symptoms, including PTSD that has been active for 40+ years, with no return of symptoms reported after as little as one session and complex trauma requiring more sessions to heal the layers of trauma involved. This includes not being triggered by the sound of helicopters, backfire, fireworks, gunfire or other triggers. Response to crowds and enclosed places range from becoming tolerable to unnoticeable--the circumstances no longer bothering them at all. Individuals have reported reduction and full resolution of auditory and visual hallucinations when underlying attached trauma was addressed.

The results for sexual trauma have been just as notable. I've heard from patients that they have been in therapy before to address sexual abuse or sexual assault issues and continued to struggle with intense responses to triggers. They have reported resolution of symptoms and are no longer triggered after processing and using visualization in ART.

I have repeatedly been thanked by my patients, after processing trauma, and had them smiling or laughing because of the relief they experienced. I have used it with children to address adjustment disorder, depression, school anxiety and test anxiety with no reported return of symptoms and parents reporting dramatic improvement in a single session.

It is not uncommon to hear a practitioner say "things may get worse before it gets better" in addressing issues in therapy. Using ART the reverse is true and you can say with confidence "you may notice that you feel better or have complete relief of symptoms" even when dealing with the toughest of issues. I find that not only are my clients finding relief every session but that I come away energized as opposed to feeling drained.

I highly recommend Accelerated Resolution Therapy. It works now!

Myrna Molinari, MSW, LCSW, CAP
Incredible Results

I couldn't wait any longer to tell you that I have been using ART since attending your Tampa training and I remain happily amazed at the results!! I am looking forward to continuing to work with my future clients and sharing the benefits and healing that ART provides.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and "your baby!"
Take care,

Sharon Leathers
Happily Amazed

Yesterday afternoon I "ARTed" (a new adjective), a 28 y/o male client after treating him for a trauma incident that happened to him a decade ago. We worked for a year of therapy 2-1/2 yrs. ago, took a break and started back Not only did we get to the root of why he's been holding it so long, which resulted in a social phobia, but he and I (both) discovered why he couldn't get past it. He displayed the only emotion (tears) w/ me that he's ever shown and was finally able to let the incident go, which was based on GUILT! Whew! Powerful! Gives me those "good goosebumps" to which Laney refers. He will now likely progress thru therapy w/ only a few more sessions, but I am confident that the "Universe" will provide me w/ many more in his place.

I'm so excited and proud, I can hardly stand myself!

ART is my new high that gets better all the time helping people in such great personal pain. I thank all of you for allowing me to be involved with this project going further and spreading it to so many more therapists who I talk with on a daily basis throughout the United States.

Teri Vincent
Ending Personal Pain

I just wanted to extend my thanks (again) for such an amazing experience. I spent my whole drive home thinking about the applications ART in my practice and how excited I am to begin sharing this with clients and other clinicians. I feel really ready to use ART and know that I have the confidence to do so because of my experience in training. You all were wonderful to work with. Thanks again and I am so looking forward to the advanced training!

Dawn H. Freeman, MSW, LISW-CP
Excited to use ART

As clinicians we seek to facilitate change. We identify strengths, pair them with challenges, and encourage our clients to invest in themselves. Change is a frightening proposition frequently met with disabling defense mechanisms and resistance. It takes courage, strength, and conviction to let go, trust, and change. This is a giant step. Well, "You can't cross a chasm with two small steps."

ART is a safe and sound agent of change. It is a profound giant step in clinical practice. It is revolutionary intuitive, and inspirational. You can't argue with results.

A former skeptic

Christopher J Long
A former skeptic

ART is a transformative intervention that allows the client to see a problem in a way that is safe, gives them a choice in determining a solution and allows them to leave each session empowered. In the two years; that I have been using ART, the results have been astounding. Every clinician should know ART!

Terry Nowakowski, LCSW
Transformative Intervention

ART is an exciting new option for people seeking psychotherapy. Alone or in combination with traditional counseling, ART is a powerful therapeutic tool. My client's are seeing fast, effective results that are long lasting. I recommend ART because it has broad application and can be used for anything from trauma to increasing confidence and self-esteem. If it can ease emotional pain and mental distress in a fast, safe, non-invasive way it's a no-brainer!

Jennifer Street, LCSW
Exciting New Option

I am truly impressed with the movement I have seen my clients make after their first session. I have seen clients with anxiety start the session very tense and walk out relaxed and smiling, even after addressing painful memories. This is becoming my preferred approach for many issues.

Kathy Long, LMHC
Becoming my preferred approach

"So nice to wake up and hear from you and know it wasn't just a dream!" I read this quote on gratitude and chuckled to myself, so I wanted to share it, "I would lie in bed at night and say the alphabet, counting all the things I had to be grateful for, starting with the letter A... this made a great change in my life." - by Unknown.

So I am going to do this and start with ART! I think Laney discovered gold and taught us how to mine it!
What a gift!

I'm Thankful for ART

I have had two amazing sessions with young women from Azerbaijan. They are very traumatized and generally critical and negative and skeptical about almost everything.

ART was an amazing and uplifting experience for both! One woman was able to use the phone after, a huge breakthrough!
Hurray for ART!
I'm hooked!

Huge Breakthrough

I have been seeing an 8 year old for 1 1/2 years due to father's ill health and the responsibility this kiddo has in caretaking, and, at times, contacting emergency personnel due to dad's deterioration. As a result, he has significant anxiety. A key point in the father's health is that his health deteriorated due to a doctor's decision to discontinue medication without consulting the father's specialist team.

So, he engaged in ART. During the bridge scene, he shared with me that he met a fox 1/2 way across the bridge that had something in his mouth. He picked up the fox, went back to the initial side of the bridge to get his dad. They walked together with the fox to the other side of the bridge, the fox had a needle of medicine for his dad, which his dad took. He was then able to describe the scene of the two of them being able to play together again outside. And he was instantly relaxed. It was magical!!

Just thought I'd share!
Have a great one,

Erica Langlois
It Was Magical!

Laney, the best gift I have ever received as a therapist is training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy. To be thanked, in this field, all day every day is stunning...and to hear it because those who get the benefit of an ART session no longer have to struggle with flashbacks or nightmares or anxiety attacks...Best therapy ever!

Myrna Molinari
Best Gift I've Ever Received

I completed my first case today. Artometer: 10 down to 3. She came in with stress from dealing with extended family members and most recently heightened around a Wedding of cousin in December. She presented with headache daily, depression, gaining weight, irritable with "wonderful" husband and unable to achieve pregnancy.

After the process of ART, she responded first with: I feel lighter, the heaviness in my head is no longer there. She kept asking how did you do this? (I did a great job of fully explaining the "why" of how it works at the beginning, but she was still so surprised). She kept turning her head trying to figure out how she could feel so much better.

And she calmly added another comment, just before she left my office, "I feel like calling my Aunt." And then she explained in amazement, "I have been avoiding talking to her and now I feel like calling her." I think she feels this because of my suggested metaphor for the Director process.

Thank you so very much for your sticking your neck out to provide your ART modality to our profession!

Glenda Bates, LMHC
"I feel lighter"

Very exciting! ART is my main approach with the clients I work with... So effective!

Loreen O’Brien
Main Approach

Congratulations!!! As an ART therapist, it is by far the best tool in my tool belt!

Misty Fenton
Best tool in my belt

I just had an ART session yesterday and am just so impressed with the client’s reported outcome this morning. He’s a man in his 50’s with major depression, history of trauma, substance abuse and loss, trying to get his life together. He had been carrying around guilt, worthlessness – and images from age 17 at his mother’s hospital bed as she was dying. We used Gestalt in the Director scene, he completely erased and replaced 4 snapshots in outprocessing, and was able to do the pile and the bridge successfully. This man was very skeptical about ART but willing to try. He left me a voicemail last night and came in this morning saying he tried to find the images but couldn’t – asking if that was supposed to happen. He said he is not used to not carrying these images and feelings with him. He told me he has the memory but not the images and emotions – which I know is what ART does, but to hear this straight from a client and to see him smiling today and standing tall, is truly remarkable.

Marsha Mandel, LMHC
One ART session has client smiling and standing tall

A.R.T saved my life (literally, no joke). For two years I was suffering panic disorder, as well as severe health anxiety. Everyday I experienced physical sensations (chest pain, lightheadedness, headaches) and my mind would automatically catastrophize them even though, despite numerous trips to the emergency hospital, all tests came back normal. After endless suffering for 2 years, I had a psychiatrist perform A.R.T on me. Turns out I had a really traumatic experience that triggered the panic disorder and health anxiety. After the session, I was able to automatically use rational thinking, easier to fight automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) , be mindful, but most importantly being calm and FINALLY at peace. After the A.R.T session my physical symptoms are gradually decreasing and less frightening.


Laney, Thank you for introducing me to Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which you used successfully as a tool for helping to cope with a severe case of claustrophobia. On a recent trip to Europe, for example, I was able to experience the flight, massive summer crowds, elevators, and other confined spaces without even a twinge of anxiety. I now use the technique periodically, simply for maintenance purposes, although I'm sure that is overkill. I'm pleased that I trusted your judgment regarding ART as the appropriate treatment for my situation, and I'm sure you will have similar successes with future patients. Thank you, once again.
Dave P

Dave P
Claustrophobia Improvement

Dear Laney,
I had a very pleasant and hopefully a lasting positive outcome today while undergoing Accelerated Resolution Therapy concerning my "freezing of gait" due to Parkinson's Disease. I was very impressed with your expertise in the field of ART and I believe your recommendation will help me with my situation. Thank you for spending time with me.

Andrew M
Parkinson's Symptoms

A needle phobia - she could not use a needle and thread and did not know why. She had tried many therapies over the years. With ART's assistance in only one session, she quickly discovered the trigger origin of her problem and was able to sew on a button - amazed all the while she was actually holding a needle.

Needle Phobia

Everyday seems so much lighter for me, like a heavy black cloud has passed overhead and the sun has come out. I'm no longer looking to save everyone...everyone is on their own! Not sure if that is good or not, however I'm OK with it for the first time ever. It amazes me that this could happen with just one session. I'm even sleeping better.

NOW...this just happened. I know I spoke with you about my fear of snakes which has been with me since I was a little girl. My mom was with me that frightful day of the snake encounter. Well, I just had another meeting with a snake last weekend, at my new home. I was working with my plants, turned to get something and when I turned back around a snake slithered right in front of me.. right where I was working..under the bedroom no less. In the past I would have been screaming like a Banshee and on the hood of my car, heart racing and hyperventilating in less than a second. However, none of that happened, I just said "Oh My" and watched him slither by. I had totally forgotten about him by bedtime and had the best night sleep all week.

I had to share this with you because this is such a big think to me. You have no idea. It was a pleasure getting to know you.

M. Mayo

At age 74, I am still haunted by Childhood abuse and it's affect on my ability to form healthy adult relationships. Recently, Accelerated Resolution Therapy has made it possible to end the extreme impact of a Childhood and an Adult Trauma Memory. I think to understand how the Therapy works, I would need to have a lot more knowledge of the human brain. But I am grateful and feeling well and at least presently not binge eating. I am diabetic so this is important. Thank you, Carol T.

Carol Teal

Hi Laney,

I received my Basic training certificate today and when I received it, I spread the joy and happiness I felt all over my body with EMs!

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for creating ART and my good fortune to find it. I just trained the weekend of Nov. 22nd with Colleen Clark. The 3rd time I did an ART session with a client was on Dec. 13th while reading the script. She came back a week later letting me know that she cried tears of joy for an hour after the session because it was the first time she felt anxiety free since she was 8 years old! She's 20 now. I almost couldn't believe it! Thank you thank you thank you for designing this protocol and making it so accessible and easy to implement such a powerful intervention.

I plan to develop mastery and share this work as much as possible.

Happy Holidays and New Year!


I had this therapy after a truck careened into my home traveling over 100mph (my husband and dog were buried alive and I was almost killed). Lanie R. was my therapist. How I felt before the treatment and then after the treatment was like night and day!! I will never be able to thank Lanie enough for helping me with my PTSD. The treatment "reprogrammed" my mind so the triggers that were affecting me, no longer do (loud noises, bangs, etc). I can even sleep in my house now!! I HIGHLY recommend this treatment for people with PTSD.

Heather Molina-St Jean

Heather Molina-St Jean
Therapist D
Mark Wagemaker
Judy Tsafrir

5 Stars - Seeing is believing and believing is seeing. I not only learned to administer this procedure but had years of pain erased in two hours. It is an amazing therapy and the trainers were spectacular.

Ken Taylor

...THANK YOU for trusting your intuition and creating this treatment. I am so very, very grateful to have this technique at my disposal and I gush about you constantly. Watching people's lives literally change before my eyes has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. Thank you so, so much.

Megan Gallagher, CRC, LMHC

I took the basic course in February in Saskatoon. Amelia Villagomez put the plug in to my colleagues and myself. I have been using with kids who have trauma histories and are presenting with active PTSD. Although not all kids are comfortable with the therapy, for those who are I have seen some remarkable results. I have also treated one adult who has suffered from chronic PTSD that has contributed to her depressed/anxious state and poor social function for years. After one session she reported unbelievable improvement that persisted for a full 5 weeks up to the time I saw her next. Absolutely remarkable.

Many thanks for the tool. I hope to continue honing my skill over the next year .

Tim Ehmann

The 11th woman, and one I am most grateful to for changing the way we treat trauma, is Laney Rosenzweig. Her beautiful gift of Accelerated Resolution Therapy has forever changed the lives of so many for the better. The world can hand out crushing blows that can leave you staggering under the weight of it. With ART, you don’t have to walk through life limping . It gives you back your swagger.

Myrna Molinari

I am pleasantly surprised how after 1 session of ART I know longer get triggered with fear when driving. I have a calmness I didn’t have before. It is so easy, I wish I had found out about it 30 years ago. I would have had a very different life.


I am thrilled to have been trained in ART in March! Faster and more effective than any other intervention I’ve learned!

Abney, LMHC

Great process, I found peace in one session when training and have had success with clients in 1-2 sessions! I have not had a client that has not had some noticeable improvement!

Mark Wagemaker


I wanted to tell you that I absolutely love the Accelerated Resolution Therapy ! Personally I no longer live with a paralyzing fear of heights that I have struggled with for the last 40 years. And in my practice I have helped people overcome their fears and anxiety. I had a recent person come back to a second session a week following his first ART session and he said “ I was surprised at the quick results I got. It was like going to the store and buying what I wanted and walking out with it .” Thank you for pursuing this and researching this to show the effectiveness! Freedom is possible.

Sheri Marlin, LCSW
FaithWorks Counseling...let your faith replace your fear
Phone: 620-474-0463

Sheri Marlin, LCSW

Your practice as therapists is about to change and be so amazing! Best modality I have ever trained in.
Thank you to my trainers, Colleen for Basic Training and Laney for Advanced training.

Dawn Israel-Compton

Just wanted to thank you again for the excellent training we’ve received and for your generosity in sharing your own experience and wisdom as a therapist. I appreciate you taking on all of our questions and answering them in such an insightful, thoughtful way. I’ve been to quite a few trainings, and none of them are quite as profound as ART. It fills me with joy that I have such a powerful tool to help my clients.

Sharon Ling

I just finished the Basic ART training last weekend. I wanted to thank Colleen again for the most comprehensive clinical training that I have done in my career. This has instilled a new passion for clinical work and has completely transformed my practice.

I used it for the first time with a client who lost her infant to illness. I have been doing EMDR for a year to try and help with the distressing images around the death. Today we did the ART protocol on her highest trauma index scene and after only 90 minutes she went from angry, depressed, guilty, powerless, hopeless, sad and hurt to peaceful. It was extremely powerful and extraordinary to witness.

Grief Counsellor

I left Basic ART Training with excitement, a flood of positive endorphins and a solid foundation of knowing ART would forever change the lives of my clients.

R. Zeper