• ART Emergence

    In today’s society, people are struggling with unique issues and fears that were not a part of our lives twenty or thirty years ago. As a result, both military and civilian populations have been experiencing an epidemic level of suffering from trauma-related disorders. These mental health disorders, like any medical condition, are constantly studied and… [Continue Reading]

    ART Emergence
  • Treating Trauma

    “PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental health condition which affects millions worldwide. Today, although most closely identified with combat veterans, PTSD can affect any individual who experiences a traumatic event such as a first responder, a victim of violence, or natural disaster. Identifying symptoms may include: Changes in behavior including feelings of shame,… [Continue Reading]

    Treating Trauma

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In ART, the eye movements are thought to be conducive to sorting out problems quickly through increasing the integration of activities in the left and right sides of the brain. These movements also seem to help the client process information by producing a deep feeling of relaxation. Yet ART is not hypnosis. Contact Us Today

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