What is ACAT?

ACAT is the “Accelerated Resolution Therapy Coalition Against Trauma.” ACAT is a monthly meeting of ART®
certified clinicians that exist to support and connect clinicians who use the technique developed by Laney Rosenzweig.

Why ACAT???

There are two major reasons that ACAT exists.

  1. To connect all ART® certified clinicians
  2. To support all ART® certified clinicians.

What do you do each month?

At ACAT, we share success stories from using ART with clients, study the ART procedure to perfect our use of the protocol, develop our skills with advanced interventions, increase our education of trauma and trauma related issues, as well as connect with each other about the challenges of our profession.

How do I get involved?

Below are the steps for getting involved with ACAT:

  • Be a clinician or other qualified professional who meets the criteria for being trained in ART or SAF-T

  • Attend at least a Basic ART training or SAF-T Training

  • Decide whether you desire to attend ACAT in person or virtually via skype

  • Use the contact information and directions below to attend your first ACAT meeting.

  • Show up every month and enjoy!