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Are you a clinician interested in learning Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)? Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is recognized as an innovative brief model mental health therapy tool using imagery rescripting and memory reconsolidation to alter negative emotions and sensations associated with trauma, depression, addiction and other mental health issues in only a few sessions (*University research states most issues are resolved in between one and six sessions with an average of 2.7 sessions.). Referred to as Voluntary Image Replacement, clients have been able to experience rapid recovery with long lasting results. If you are comfortable with guided imagery and use of metaphors, if you exhibit creative and intuitive abilities, you will want to train in ART. ART is used by thousands of practitioners in both private practice as well as a long list of clinics throughout the USA and Canada. You can gather more information by viewing a short, TEDx video featuring ART developer, Laney Rosenzweig HERE. Would you like to hear more about what other clinicians like you have learned that can help to expand your practice? Register to attend an exclusive, 90 minute FREE online presentation by ART developer Laney Rosenzweig, LMFT.
May 2022
05/25 - 05/25
Zoom, FL
June 2022
06/22 - 06/22
Zoom, FL
July 2022
07/27 - 07/27
Zoom, FL
August 2022
08/24 - 08/24
Zoom, FL
September 2022
09/28 - 09/28
Zoom, FL
October 2022
10/26 - 10/26
Zoom, FL
November 2022
11/23 - 11/23
Zoom, FL
December 2022
12/28 - 12/28
Zoom, FL

Rosenzweig Center for Rapid Recovery, LLC, owner and developer of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (a/k/a ART), has granted an intellectual property license, collaboration and services agreement to ART International Training and Research, Inc. as a recognized exclusive licensee providing education and training to mental health professionals for promoting advancement of the ART therapy.

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