Group Training

Your group can join the list of facilities who have trained therapists in Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Walden Behavioral Care , MA
Western New England University, MA
Idaho National Guard
NUWAY Counseling Center, MN
Integrative Psychiatry Solutions, CA
Sutton Clinical Services, UT
Elements of Motivation, NV
The Connection, CT
University of South Florida
UTurn Foundation, AZ
Centered Practice, MN
Kentucky Counseling Center
Banyan Treatment Centers
University of Calgary           
Crosswinds Counseling and Wellness, KS
First Orlando Counseling Center, FL
The Refuge, A Healing Place, FL
Betty Ford Center, Part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
Evolve Counselling & Wellness in Saskatoon, SK

Military Facilities who have trained therapists in Accelerated Resolution Therapy include:

Fort Drum, Fort Benning, Fort Stewart, Fort Hood, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Walter Reed National Medical Center, Tripler Army Medical Center

Retreats Include:

ART Trained Therapists at Warrior Wellness Program, Warrior Mission At Ease, Lone Survivor Foundation

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