How to Become A Trainer


The list below MUST be completed prior to registering for Facilitator Training. All proof should be emailed to

  • Submit copy of current license as a mental health professional or provider
  • Submit copy of current liability insurance – individual or group
  • Completion of ART Basic, Advanced & Enhanced Trainings
  • Complete the TTT Video Prep training via Zoom
  • Submit completion of 50 documented cases or sessions within one year of using ART
  • Serve as an assistant or audit one (1) or more Basic trainings and receive a written recommendation from lead trainer 
  • Submit proof of current IS-ART membership ($150 per year)
  • Submit proof of Basic, Advanced, and Master certifications
  • Submit biography and professional headshot for website along with payment of $50 to RCRR
  • Submit a MP4 formatted video presentation explaining/teaching all components of ART.  Upload video to Robin using