Dr. Kevin Kip is selected for the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award from The University of Pittsburgh for his ART research and treatment among veterans

Robin Pickett

Dr. Kevin Kip has been selected by the Pitt Public Health Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee to receive the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award for Research in recognition of his contributions in a wide range of health disciplines including but not limited to: interventional cardiology, endocrinology, oncology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM),  and novel methods of psychotherapy.


Dr. Jane Cauley notes in her nomination letter that Dr. Kip is  “an exemplary alumnus” and that his “work with ART among veterans is making major changes in the care of these veterans and improving their health.” Dr. Cauley closes her letter by stating that he has distinguished himself “as a star and [is] making Pitt proud.”


About the Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Awards are the highest awards given to alumni of Pitt Public Health. Recipients of the Distinguished Alumni Awards are alumni who have made a significant contribution to their fields, to the school, or to both. Dr. Kip is joining a list of other notable alumni dating back to 1983. Awardees are chosen by a committee comprised of faculty and student leaders, and former alumni honorees via a competitive nomination and review process.