Test Anxiety, Grade Improved

This client no longer has test anxiety after one session of ART. She went from receiving the lowest grade in her class to receiving the highest grade after experiencing ART.

My Problem Won’t Needle Me Again!

A needle phobia – she could not use a needle and thread and did not know why. She had tried many therapies over the years. With ART‘s assistance in only one session, she quickly discovered the trigger origin of her problem and was able to sew on a button – amazed all the while she was actually holding a needle.

Parkinson’s Symptoms

Dear Laney, I had a very pleasant and hopefully a lasting positive outcome today while undergoing Accelerated Resolution Therapy concerning my “freezing of gait” due to Parkinson’s Disease. I was very impressed with your expertise in the field of ART and I believe your recommendation will help me with my situation. Thank you for spending time with me. Andrew M.

Claustrophobia Improvement

Laney, Thank you for introducing me to Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), which you used successfully as a tool for helping to cope with a severe case of claustrophobia. On a recent trip to Europe, for example, I was able to experience the flight, massive summer crowds, elevators, and other confined spaces without even a twinge of anxiety. I now use …