Fibromyalgia Gone

This client experienced one session of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and reports that her fibromyalgia is gone. She has no more pain and her life has changed. You can hear the excitement in her voice for her renewed lifestyle.

PTSD Relief

A police officer lived with the symptoms of PTSD for four years. After his ART session he felt amazed that he was not experiencing any PTSD symptoms and his attitude toward work had changed. Day 1 Video 2 Week Follow Up

Co-Dependent Attitude Changed

This client began the ART session with a co-dependent attitude toward life. She was waiting for others to make her happy. After the one hour session of ART this client had a different perspective.

Depression Lifted

This client was skeptical that ART would make a difference. She realized when she was home that her depression had lifted. Her husband also noticed her change in mood and commented about it to her.

Frog Phobia Eradicated

A man who had had a childhood fear of frogs is completely phobia free after one session of Accelerated Resolution Therapy.