Eliane Herdani


I have a master’s degree in counseling, from Johns Hopkins University and I am licensed as a counselor in Maryland, Texas and Florida. Additionally, I am a certified Employee Assistance Provider, a TeleMental Health Provider and I have a PhD in Behavioral Health.

I love being a therapist and to have the ability to help others in their quest.  My mission is to bring out awareness, foster acceptance and understanding, to create change and personal growth within you.

I have used ART with my clients and every time I am in awe of how effectful and powerful this technique is. Clients get results fast, and the healing is long lasting.

Aside from using ART I tend to use a multidisciplinary approach, to be able to adapt to clients’ unique needs. My treatment approach involves a thorough assessment and based on the results a treatment plan and approach will be developed, taking all issues in consideration.

I am a military spouse and have been working with the military population for over 13 years on bases all over the world.

I have a diverse background (born in Brazil and lived in several places in the US and abroad), this has given me the opportunity to work and connect with a multicultural clientele. I am fluent in German, Portuguese, and Spanish.