Emily Foltz-Holland


With over 20 years practicing therapy and clinical leadership in the community behavioral health sector with children and adults, Ms. Foltz-Holland has extensive history supporting individuals and clinicians in wrap-around care. She was the 2010 recipient of the Northeast Children’s Coalition Therapist of the Year award and part of a four-person team awarded the Prudential Davis Productivity Award in 2012. She is dually licensed in mental health counseling in Florida and Georgia. She has spent a majority of her career providing clinical and programatic support for community-based and trauma-responsive programming, with much of this work surrounding the child welfare system and in gender-responsive care.  Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) has been a game-changer in her work; she believes in the transformational power of ART in moving toward healing and resolution. She values recognizing the ‘human’ parts of the self and addressing the impact that adverse life experiences, chronic stress, and oppressive/anxious systems can have on one’s being and behavior in the present. She owns and operates her private practice on the Intercostal Northside of Jacksonville, EFH Counseling, PLLC, holding an infinity for working with individuals who have experienced childhood emotional neglect and/or have not gotten their needs met, supporting young adults during phase of life transitions, as well as working with other therapists as they do their own personal work.