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Basic 12/05/24 WCMN
Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy® Training
During the three-day Basic ART training, participants will learn about the power of eye movements in facilitating relaxation and processing trauma; the Basic Protocol for processing past events that cause the client distress; the Typical Day protocol for ongoing issues; and how to determine which clients are appropriate for Accelerated Resolution Therapy. Videos will be shown that demonstrate how using ART with clients can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and guilt related to past events in their lives. Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an eye movement therapy. We do not use tapping or other forms of bilateral stimulation during the training. If you have eye issues, you may take the training but not participate in the practicum portion as we do not want you to experience distress or cause you harm. You can do what is necessary in your private practice if the client cannot do eye movements. ART training includes a 3:1 ratio for our practicum, an ART therapist for every three-four trainees which enables you to use ART immediately after your training.
Westgate Church
705 County Road 101 North
Plymouth, MN 55447
Th-Sa 8:30am-5pm Dec 5-7
$1600.00 USD