Advanced Accelerated Resolution Therapy® Training - $750.00 USD

August 2020
08/13 - 08/14
Calgary, AB
Laney Rosenzweig
08/17 - 08/18
Logan, UT
Laney Rosenzweig
September 2020
09/23 - 09/24
Asheville, NC
Laney Rosenzweig
09/30 - 10/01
Orlando, FL
Laney Rosenzweig
October 2020
10/21 - 10/22
Hopkins, MN
Laney Rosenzweig

Rosenzweig Center for Rapid Recovery, LLC, owner and developer of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (a/k/a ART), has granted an intellectual property license, collaboration and services agreement to ART International Training and Research, Inc. as a recognized exclusive licensee providing education and training to mental health professionals for promoting advancement of the ART therapy.