Sue Peterson


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Sue received a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington and a
M.S. in Community Counseling from Georgia State University. Additionally, Sue is a
Certified Professional Coach trained through iPEC.
Sue has worked both in the mental health and business fields. Owning her own private
practice in Washington state since 2011, she has primarily been working with adults and
couples struggling with PTSD/trauma, grief, loss, relationship issues, sexual abuse,
depression and anxiety. Also, active in her rural community as a mental health
professional, Sue has presented workshops on the impact of trauma caused by natural
disasters to local churches, non-profit organizations and elder care facilities impacted by
area wildfires in Washington State. She has provided wildfire mental health crisis
support and served as a facilitator for various groups including grief and loss, domestic
violence recovery and support groups for individuals who experienced home loss during
area wildfires.
With a focused interest and specialty in trauma and complicated grief and loss and a
passion to learn effective therapy treatments in these areas, Sue received training in
NLP, various neuroscience-based trauma treatment modalities and in couples therapy
models that incorporate attachment based and trauma informed approaches. While
researching additional trauma therapies in 2019 Sue learned about Accelerated
Resolution Therapy and immediately recognized it had the potential to help her clients
find relief and healing in a more rapid and thorough manner. She became Basic trained
in Fall of 2019, Advanced/Enhanced trained in Fall of 2020 and has been amazed,
along with her clients, at the transformation and swift relief that happens in her office
over and over.
Sue is enthusiastic about sharing Accelerated Resolution Therapy with her clients, as
well as seeing other therapists learn Accelerated Resolution Therapy so they too have
this powerful modality to help bring swift and lasting relief to their clients. Sue is honored
to be a part of the Accelerated Resolution Therapy team of trainers.