I was blessed to have access to a certified EMDR therapist months after my PTSD diagnosis in 2005, and can now say ART is even more effective for permanent relief of symptoms. The claims seemed too good to be true - if EMDR could do a year's worth of treatment within a few sessions, how could ART do the same for a year's worth of EMDR? Aspects of EMDR, somatic experiencing, guided imagery, possibly even psychodrama and more are all woven together to create a process where the client remains in the driver's seat for the entirety of their session. Dr. Glenn Schiraldi - one of the field's most accomplished professionals - explains more concisely how such magic is possible through ART. Thank you for creating someone that can resolve so much in a single session. I'm grateful to have found a skillful facilitator who introduced me to ART. PTSD-related somatization improvement