Robin Pickett

I wanted to reach out and let you know I have  accepted an exciting position as a Therapist and Yoga  Instructor for Fairwinds Treatment, an inpatient facility  for eating disorder and substance abuse recovery.  The best  part is that the CEO scouted me out, specifically with my  skill set, to implement therapies such as ART and Yoga/Meditation into their program.  I am really looking  forward to this endeavor, as I will be sharing this AMAZING  therapy with an untapped environment.  This being said, I am very grateful for my experience with Veterans Alternative.  I’ve  grown so much by being a part of the mission to Post Traumatic Growth.  I will always be on that mission!  I  continue to work with Combat Veterans at Quantum Leap Farms for their Warrior Mission at Ease retreats.  I am THANKFUL  for you and ART.  I logged my sessions so far at the center  and it came to 340!  That is in just one year and not  counting the ART sessions I have provided at my private  practice.  The transformations I’ve witnessed take my  breath away, they inspire me so much.  Since the famous  training video of my first ART session, I’ve had a  handful more with the wonderful Alison.  ART has changed my  life and makes me a stronger clinician!  I feel limitless  and motivated to keep spreading ART, Yoga, and Meditation to  the masses.  I will be in touch with Robin to work towards becoming a trainer.  The  revolution of healing is here and definitely much needed in this World.


Kashi Heynis, LMHC, RYT
Integrative Therapy and Yoga
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