Carol Buffi


I love ART! As ART Therapists don't we all? Teenage ASD client, witnessed parent's death 3 years ago. Client has not fallen asleep before midnight, often sleeping only 3-4 hours a night, since the event. (Midnight and sleeping were part of the trauma story and ASD rigidity.) Client had not processed the grief nor the trauma before coming to see me. After 1 ART session, that I thought was pretty clunky on my end due to ASD, client and caregiver report client is falling asleep around 9:00 pm sleeping 8-10 hours Every. Single. Night!! It has been this way for over a month. Physically looked like a different teen in our session. TRANSFORMATIVE for me and the client even though client said "No biggie, move on and let me tell you about my Minecraft...."