Lauren Faylor

I have been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder due to childhood abuse and neglect that started at preverbal age. I have done years of trauma therapy with modalities, including EMDR, internal family, systems, and somatic therapies at times combined. Overall, my treatment with his modalities was a success and I probably could’ve gone on functioning that way. I feel things happen in my life that were traumatic, and I decided to search for something different. I heard about accelerated resolution therapy online and found an intensive near me. They were part of me that were still really critical and I still isolated when things piled up. I was able to reach out to people better through prior treatments, but I still had a hard time. After two days at this intensive, I can’t even tell you the changes that I noticed I tear up as I write this, because I’ve never had such immediate affects from some thing before. And it was no longer haunted by certain memories.. I knew the facts of the events that happened to me, but they know longer had the same weight. Suddenly I was doing my art most days again, and immediately became a social butterfly. I made more friends since doing ART than I have any other point in my life. The ability to make social connections for me has been huge. Things that I would get easily overwhelmed by it relationships stopped happening. I would expect to get triggered and associate during overwhelming things, but it just stopped happening. I can’t explain how it worked. I had no expectations going in. I had no idea would be as life-changing as it has been. I still have to deal with hard times in life, but now I am just able to deal with them in a more straightforward way.