Robin Pickett

Hi Laney, I received my Basic training certificate today and when I received it, I spread the joy and happiness I felt all over my body with EMs! Words cannot express my gratitude to you for creating ART and my good fortune to find it. I just trained the weekend of Nov. 22nd with Colleen Clark. The 3rd time I did an ART session with a client was on Dec. 13th while reading the script. She came back a week later letting me know that she cried tears of joy for an hour after the session because it was the first time she felt anxiety free since she was 8 years old! She's 20 now. I almost couldn't believe it! Thank you thank you thank you for designing this protocol and making it so accessible and easy to implement such a powerful intervention. I plan to develop mastery and share this work as much as possible. Happy Holidays and New Year! Gratefully, Jen