Myrna Molinari, MSW, LCSW, CAP

Robin Pickett

Incredible Results
I have been using Accelerated Resolution Therapy in my practice for almost 3 years with incredible results. Individual's have experienced resolution of combat related trauma symptoms, including PTSD that has been active for 40+ years, with no return of symptoms reported after as little as one session and complex trauma requiring more sessions to heal the layers of trauma involved. This includes not being triggered by the sound of helicopters, backfire, fireworks, gunfire or other triggers. Response to crowds and enclosed places range from becoming tolerable to unnoticeable--the circumstances no longer bothering them at all. Individuals have reported reduction and full resolution of auditory and visual hallucinations when underlying attached trauma was addressed. The results for sexual trauma have been just as notable. I've heard from patients that they have been in therapy before to address sexual abuse or sexual assault issues and continued to struggle with intense responses to triggers. They have reported resolution of symptoms and are no longer triggered after processing and using visualization in ART. I have repeatedly been thanked by my patients, after processing trauma, and had them smiling or laughing because of the relief they experienced. I have used it with children to address adjustment disorder, depression, school anxiety and test anxiety with no reported return of symptoms and parents reporting dramatic improvement in a single session. It is not uncommon to hear a practitioner say "things may get worse before it gets better" in addressing issues in therapy. Using ART the reverse is true and you can say with confidence "you may notice that you feel better or have complete relief of symptoms" even when dealing with the toughest of issues. I find that not only are my clients finding relief every session but that I come away energized as opposed to feeling drained. I highly recommend Accelerated Resolution Therapy. It works now!