Rebecca Fink

Lauren Faylor

Dear Ms Rosenzweig, I contacted you last week to thank you for developing ART that relieved my depression and allowed me to return to my "normal" life! In my excitement of returning to the land of the living I failed to mention my therapist and wanted to give kudos to Ashley Rideout from Dunedin Florida who did a wonderful job and made the process so easy. She was relaxed, which made me calm, she gave me a complete description of what was to happen, what I had to do and never hurried me. To help you understand who I am, retired RN(70) with no history of mental health distress and admittedly was skeptical how ART would work but after 2 months ASD became PTSD followed by crushing depression I had no alternative other than medication so was most willing to give it a try. ART most assuredly worked for me, the result were immediate and I feel like they are permanent ! I wish more people were aware of ART and could practice it as a first line of treatment rather than medications. Please feel free to use my comments as a testimony of your success! My thanks again!! Rebecca