Amy Bernstein

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350 North Bedford Road #1047 Mt. Kisco, NY 10597 United States
350 North Bedford Road Mount Kisco New York 10549 US

Hello: I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) on the masters level and I studied social work on the undergraduate level. My journey in the field began many decades ago with a strong commitment to assisting people in their pursuit of emotional well being. My extensive experience has shown me the diverse range of emotions and experiences that humans encounter. Through these years I’ve witnessed many individuals at different stages of life.  I have been most helpful helping people navigate the intricate web of anxiety and depression as well as the profound impact of various levels of trauma.

I have found ART to show remarkable results which have helped people process and heal from painful experiences.  ART has equipped me with the tools to guide us humans towards healing and to living healthier lives.
Professional Title
Licensed Clinical Social work LCSW-R, PC
Personal Quote

“Embrace the pain, for within it lies the power to heal and the potential for growth.”