Korilynn C. Bartley, CMHC, NCC

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Pivotal Trauma Counseling LLC 489 W South Jordan Pkwy Ste 200 South Jordan, UT 84095 United States
489 South Jordan Parkway South Jordan Utah 84095 US

I help adults with trauma. Whether it be from childhood situations or adult events, my concentrated work addresses mind-body-soul reactivity and honoring the human need for attachment and connection. I have experience with acute stress, PTSD, complex trauma, and chronic trauma.

Professional Title
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, National Certified Counselor
Personal Quote

We all endure conditions that are undeniable and unavoidable. This I know– trauma will inevitably happen during your lifetime. Healing takes connection, the very thing that trauma divides. I am here– You don’t have to go it alone.