Rose-Marie Phillips, MSW, LCSW

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ZenMind Therapy 3601 Picket Rd. S-2272 FAIRFAX, Virginia 22032 United States
3601 Pickett Road Fairfax Virginia 22031 US

Serving: Virginia and Hawaii


Do you wake up in the mornings with a feeling of dread? Does it seem like you can never fully let your guard down? Many of my clients (veterans and service members and LGBTQIA+ community) have dealt with complex traumas, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.


As you begin this road of healing, you can find the relief and confidence to live your life with more confidence and less fear.  Because you have it in you.


Sometimes talk therapy is not enough to get at the root of our problems. We all need a balanced way to reconnect our mind and body. That’s why I offer and integrated evidence-based practices, such as Accelerated Resolution Therapy, EMDR 2.0, art as therapy, hypnotherapy, IFS, and more. Most importantly, we’ll work together and make a plan unique to your needs.

I offer:
– Free 15-minute consultation*
– Teletherapy sessions only

Professional Title
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Personal Quote

“Do something today that your Future Self will thank you for.” ~unknown