One ART session has client smiling and standing tall

I just had an ART session  yesterday and am just so impressed with the client’s  reported outcome this morning. He’s a man in his  50’s with major depression, history of trauma,  substance abuse and loss, trying to get his life  together.  He   had been carrying around guilt, worthlessness – and  images from age 17 at his mother’s hospital bed  as …

Best tool in my belt

Congratulations!!! As a ART therapist, it is by far the best tool in my tool belt! Misty Fenton

Main Approach

Very exciting! ART is my main approach with the clients I work with… So effective! Loreen O’Brien

Case: “I feel lighter”

I completed my first case today. Artometer: 10 down to 3. She came in with stress from dealing with extended family members and most recently heightened around a Wedding of cousin in December. She presented with headache daily, depression, gaining weight, irritable with “wonderful” husband and unable to achieve pregnancy. After the process of ART, she responded first with: I …

Best Gift I’ve Ever Received

Laney, the best gift I have ever received as a therapist is training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy. To be thanked, in this field, all day every day is stunning…and to hear it because those who get the benefit of an ART session no longer have to struggle with flashbacks or nightmares or anxiety attacks…Best therapy ever! Myrna Molinari