Transformative Intervention

ART is a transformative intervention that allows the client to see a problem in a way that is safe, gives them a choice in determining a solution and allows them to leave each session empowered. In the two years; that I have been using ART, the results have been astounding. Every clinician should know ART! Terry Nowakowski, LCSW

A former skeptic

As clinicians we seek to facilitate change. We identify strengths, pair them with challenges, and encourage our clients to invest in themselves. Change is a frightening proposition frequently met with disabling defense mechanisms and resistance. It takes courage, strength, and conviction to let go, trust, and change. This is a giant step. Well, “You can’t cross a chasm with two …

Excited to use ART

I just wanted to extend my thanks (again) for such an amazing experience. I spent my whole drive home thinking about the applications ART in my practice and how excited I am to begin sharing this with clients and other clinicians. I feel really ready to use ART and know that I have the confidence to do so because of …

Ending Personal Pain

ART is my new high that gets better all the time helping people in such great personal pain. I thank all of you for allowing me to be involved with this project going further and spreading it to so many more therapists who I talk with on a daily basis throughout the United States. Teri Vincent

I’m so excited and proud, I can hardly stand myself!

Yesterday afternoon I “ARTed” (a new adjective), a 28 y/o male client after treating him for a trauma incident that happened to him a decade ago. We worked for a year of therapy 2-1/2 yrs. ago, took a break and started back Not only did we get to the root of why he’s been holding it so long, which resulted …