It Was Magical!

I have been seeing an 8 year old for 1 1/2 years due to father’s ill health and the responsibility this kiddo has in caretaking, and, at times, contacting emergency personnel due to dad’s deterioration.  As a result, he has significant anxiety.  A key point in the father’s health is that his health deteriorated due to a doctor’s decision to …

Huge Breakthrough

I have had two amazing sessions with young women from Azerbaijan. They are very traumatized and generally  critical and negative and skeptical about almost everything. ART was an amazing and uplifting experience for both! One woman was able to use the phone after, a huge break through! Hurray for ART! I’m hooked!

I’m Thankful for ART

“So nice to wake up and hear from you and know it wasn’t just a dream!”  I read this quote on gratitude and chuckled to myself, so I wanted to share it, “I would lie in bed at night and say the alphabet, counting all the things I had to be grateful for, starting with the letter A… this made …

Becoming my preferred approach

I am truly impressed with the movement I have seen my clients make after their first session. I have seen clients with anxiety start the session very tense and walk out relaxed and smiling, even after addressing painful memories. This is becoming my preferred approach for many issues. Kathy Long, LMHC

Exciting New Option

ART is an exciting new option for people seeking psychotherapy. Alone or in combination with traditional counseling, ART is a powerful therapeutic tool. My client’s are seeing fast, effective results that are long lasting. I recommend ART because it has broad application and can be used for anything from trauma to increasing confidence and self-esteem. If it can ease emotional …